In 1958 Ingvar Elfström founded Poseidon. With a quest to solve a range of diving-related problems his innovative solutions securely placed him among the great entrepreneurial pioneers. Elfström's legacy has continued, and Poseidon equipment enjoys a stellar reputation within the diving community.

Ingvar Elfström

Quality, safety and performance

We believe the equipment you take underwater is a life-preserving device. As divers, we never compromise with quality and never stop searching for new ways to improve safety and enhance the diving experience.

Whether we develop products, create software, or support training programs, at the end of the day, Poseidon stands for three things above everything else.

HMS Carl VVI Gustaf

royal approved diving equipment

Sweden has been a monarchy for over a thousand years. For all this time, craftsmen, merchants, and others have been delivering goods and services to the monarch and the Royal Family.

Poseidon Diving Systems has for many years been a selected supplier to the Royal family and thereby being awarded a royal warrant. We couldn't be more proud.


1958 - Poseidon Diving System was originally founded under the name Aquasport

1978 - Jetstream was released to the market

2002 - Xstream was released to the market

2006 - MkVI was released to the market

2012 - SE7EN was released to the market

2014 - M28 was released to the market

2016 - Solid State O2 Sensor

2021 - Reef App

Classic Poseidon Logo

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Divers Against Ghost Nets

Poseidon x divers against ghost nets

The fact that our waters and animals depending on it are under extreme pressure and threat has probably not passed anyone. At Poseidon, we do our best to minimize our impact and have sustainability top in mind whether it concerns developing new products, agreements with subcontractors and freight companies, traveling, or at what level the dishwasher is considered full.   

Divers Against Ghost Nets are on a mission to clean the waters and share the knowledge on how to safely locate and recover ghost nets around the world. We are proud partners for the work for better marine life.

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