MIlitary / Search and rescue

We have a long and proven track record of delivering our products and solutions to the world’s most demanding professional and military customers. Our products are the preferred choice for special forces, coast guard and search and rescue around the world and they are used in everything from hot conditions to the freezing waters of Antarctica.

ebs mkII

The Poseidon EBS Mark II (Emergency Breathing System) is a Category A Escape Device Compressed Air System. New and improved version. Smaller tank, smaller second stage, less weight.

The Poseidon EBS is tested against EN250 ColdWater and CAP1034 Emergency Breathing System standard by Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

Mission Rebreather

mission rebreather

  • All black heavy duty dive set certified to100 m dive depth according to EN14143
  • Patented one hand action bail out valve
  • Patented automatic 2 sensor calibration and validation with Solid-State Sensors
  • Automatic hyperoxic linearity test to ensure hyperoxic sensor functionality
  • Sigmoid set point curve, gives easier bouyancy handling
  • Easy and automated setup and pre-dive sequence
  • Integrated technical dive computer with added functionality
  • HUD with vibration alarm and green/red LED
  • Electronic cylinder pressure monitoring

*Only available in Indonesia. Please contact Poseidon or local distributor for information.

black line

High style, high quality materials and craftmanship, extra stretch where you need it, reinforcements and customization all combined to give you military grade performance!

The Black Line model is intended primarily for military use and are only sold to governmental organizations and Distributors outside the EU.


Military grade perfomance

The Mission Suit offers stylish protection for warm water divers and swimmers. Jako Geoprene combines with flexi-seams to deliver unmatched comfort! Freedom of movement is enhanced by Jako Super-Stretch Geoprene on the wrists and ankles, making this suit super-easy to don and doff. Patented Octopus Velcro, which becomes stronger in contact with water, provides secure seals and fastenings throughout. Poseidon’s Patch System© enables you to customize your suit for the ultimate in personalization!

  • For tropical water protection
  • Jako Geoprene gives you the most comfortable fit
  • Jako Super-Stretch Geoprene on wrists and ankles for easy don and doff
  • Kevlar reinforced inner arms, knees and backside provides extra durability and protection
  • Patented Octopus Velcro provides strong under-water seals
  • Poseidon Patch System allows you to personalize your suit
Lake Baikal

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