• Dive closer to marine life for a more intimate underwater experience
  • Enjoy significantly more time underwater with optimized gas consumption
  • Unmatched safety ensured through patented technology for a secure dive
  • Demonstrated reliability with a proven track record in diverse conditions
  • Adapt the system to evolving needs with its expandable and customizable features
  • Suited for both recreational and 100-meter technical rebreather diving
  • Extended comfort with a patented mouthpiece featuring a bailout valve
  • Real-time monitoring and control through an advanced Dive Management System
  • Plug-and-play compatibility with Dive-by-Wire technology for effortless setup
  • Accurate and durable oxygen monitoring with Solid State O2 Sensor technology
  • Stay connected with Bluetooth for wireless data transfer and updates
  • Streamlined start-up with an automatic testing procedure for reliability
  • Dive planning and analysis made easy with the Poseidon Reef App

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