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Mouthpiece with Poseidon’s patented integrated Bail-Out-Valve and Automatic Diluent Valve. Change from Closed Circuit to Open Circuit with a simple twist, activating a bail-out regulator with Poseidon Xstream performance.


The Poseidon rebreather's E-module goes above and beyond by incorporating automatic pre-dive tests, further enhancing the diver's peace of mind. Before submerging into the underwater realm, the E-module meticulously conducts a series of self-diagnostic checks, ensuring that all essential systems are functioning optimally.

XSTREAM first stages

The Poseidon Xstream first stages are highly advantageous for integration into a rebreather system due to their advanced features and reliable performance.

All included features

Roundpack & Scrubber

Aluminum housing and repackable scrubber cartridge that holds 2.3 kg Sofnolime 797, equivalent to approximately 3h of dive time.

Breathing loop & Hoses

The breathing loop and hoses are crafted with durable, flexible materials for comfort and ease of movement. Designed to minimize the work of breathing and easy to maintain to ensure a reliable and comfortable diving experience.

HP Sensors

Electronic precision-engineered high-pressure sensors provide accurate and real-time monitoring of tank pressure.

Battery & Charger

High energy density Lithium-ion battery and Charger with a long-term learning cycle for accurate charge estimations. Power adapter 12V with four plug adapter to fit most common sockets.


Quick Mount Release for a quick attachment of backplates to the rebreather.

Analog O2 Sensors

The sensors provide real-time data to the diver, facilitating precise gas management and contributing to a safer and more controlled underwater experience.

SE7EN Paddle Display

User-friendly interface, presenting critical information in a clear and accessible manner. The intuitive design of the SE7EN Paddle Display allows divers to easily navigate and monitor key metrics, enhancing situational awareness and contributing to a streamlined and enjoyable underwater experience.


Constructed with durable materials, the counterlungs contribute to a reliable and comfortable diving experience, supporting a crucial role in the closed-circuit breathing loop.

During the customization of the rebreather, users have the flexibility to upgrade key components such as the counterlungs, paddle display, and O2 sensors. This allows divers to tailor their equipment to specific preferences or evolving technological advancements, enhancing the overall performance and experience of the rebreather system. Poseidon's commitment to customization empowers divers to stay current with the latest innovations in breathing loop technology, display interfaces, and sensor capabilities.

size and weight

Ready-to-dive weight

From 18 kg / 39,7 lb

Travel weight

From 9 kg / 19,8 lb

* True weight and size may vary depending on the rebreather configuration.

HUD and Alert Systems


Custom Juergensen Marine DIVA Vibrator System.

LED indicators (Red and Green)


Audio Alarm

Buddy Alert LED Indicators (Two Red)


Power-up Self Tests

Confirms the main data logger is functional

Verify the ROM, RAM and EEPROM function in all four processors

Confirms the battery data logger is functional

Confirms the firmware version is consistent across all four processors

Confirms the power consumption calculations are functioning properly

Confirm the power-draw of the backlight, solenoid valves, and alarms are correct

Vibrator current test

Solenoid current test

Speaker current test

Cylinder HP sensor validation

PO2 sensor validation HW test

Depth/temperature sensor validation

Pre-dive Tests

Mouthpiece CC test

Decompression status verification

Scrubber installed confirmation

Mouthpiece OC test

Sufficient oxygen and diluent to go diving test

Sufficient battery power to go diving test

Positive pressure loop test (PPLT)

Mouthpiece CC test

O2 calibration test

Open Circuit regulator test

Service interval test

In-dive Monitoring

Current Depth

Max Depth


Mouthpiece Position

Oxygen Partial Pressure

Diluent Gas Pressure

Oxygen Gas Pressure

Oxygen Sensor Confidence

Hyperoxic Linearity

Electronics Health Status

Battery Charge

Remaining Dive Time

Elapsed Dive Time

Ascent/Decent Rate

Decompression Obligations

Automatic In-dive Tests

Hyperoxic Linearity Test

Oxygen Sensor Confidence Test

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