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It is the ultimate starting point for your diving journey, offering endless possibilities to evolve and enhance. The SE7EN+ boasts unparalleled modularity that allows you to customize it according to your unique preferences from day one or gradually modify as you advance in skill level.

Experience true exploration of the deep with a rebreather system that seamlessly integrates into every dive. With its remarkable flexibility, the SE7EN+ adapts effortlessly to meet all your diving needs while providing easy maintenance and understanding of its inner workings.

The beauty of this modular design lies in how easily it can be upgraded without limitations- adaptability at its finest! Elevate yourself beyond boundaries by choosing a SE7EN+, where there are no limits on what's possible underwater. 

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Automated safety tests, in-dive gas adjustments and situational predictions are just the tip of the iceberg that opens up rebreather diving for everyone.

A rebreather built for all divers. While giant strides in automating the SE7EN+ have opened the world of recreational rebreather diving, equal attention has been given to designing a rebreather with full controllability. Manual gas injection, trimix blends, 100+ m deco diving to name a few, the SE7EN+ has it all.

Tested and certified for the icy blue waters of the north, to the vibrant reefs of the tropics, there are few places on this planet where the SE7EN+ doesn't excel.

Rebreather diver Lake Baikal up-side-down

Don´t guess. Get solid.

Step into the future with Poseidon's revolutionary oxygen sensor, equipped with cutting-edge technology that guarantees unparalleled longevity and precision. Say goodbye to outdated galvanic sensors and embrace the absolute accuracy of our factory-calibrated digital device. Experience unmatched shelf life and calibration stability for optimal performance in any environment.

Upgrade your equipment today - it's time to join us on the forefront of innovation!



Experience the thrill of rebreather diving with ease in just three simple steps:

1. Begin by installing the canister.

2. Assemble your electronics and regulators.

3. Attach your buoyancy package.

Don't let complicated equipment hold you back from experiencing the magic beneath the surface - make every dive an unforgettable adventure with our user-friendly rebreather system!

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