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YOur CUstom Rebreather is four steps away

Creating your custom rebreather has never been easier - just four simple steps away! Tailor it to suit all of your requirements by selecting from a wide range of components, and enhancing its functionality by adding accessories. 

The best part? Your customized rebreather is adaptable as you grow in experience and expertise.

1. Basics

All essentials are incorporated, giving you everything necessary to kickstart your adventure.

Counterlung Option

Choose front-mounted counterlungs on your shoulders for improved performance and balance, opt for back-mounted lungs to enjoy an open chest and unrestricted movement, or utilize our RB BCD with integrated solutions for optimal comfort and functionality.

Display Option

Stay informed and in control with the SE7EN Paddle Display. This intuitive interface makes monitoring your rebreather's performance a breeze, giving you the confidence to explore the depths. Opt for this option to start alternatively, dive into limitless possibilities with our award-winning M28 dive computer, built on the Linux platform.

Analog or Digital Sensors

Choose Galvanic sensors for a traditional, replaceable option suitable for those who prefer a low-cost, short-term solution. Alternatively, opt for Solid State sensors if you prefer a durable, non-consumable component with reliable long-term performance and exact functionality

Note: If you already have a harness/wing and tanks, this is all you need to get started diving the Poseidon SE7EN+

2. optional components

Enhance your SE7EN+ experience with a variety of optional selections. Take advantage of the opportunity to customize and elevate your journey beyond expectations.

Harness & Backplate Option

Choose your preferred harness with backplate: the Aluminum option, featuring a webbing harness, aluminum backplate, and 4 D-rings for a light and versatile setup, or the Stainless Steel alternative, mirroring the aluminum package but with added weight from a stainless steel backplate.

Wing Option

Choose your wing configuration: the One wing 50, featuring the innovative ClamRetract system for minimized size and drag when not in use, with a lifting capacity of 50N, or the Rebreather wing 150, crafted in ballistic nylon with an integrated deflate system and self-retracting bladder, offering a lifting capacity of 150N.

Cylinder Option

Select between steel or aluminum cylinders to tailor your diving equipment, with steel providing added durability and weight, and aluminum offering a lightweight alternative for enhanced mobility.

3. se7en+ packages

Elevate your diving experience with our optional packages crafted for extended and more immersive underwater exploration. Opt for one of two add-ons tailored for divers seeking longer bottom times and deeper dives, guaranteeing maximum enjoyment with each descent.

SE7EN+ Duration Package

The SE7EN+ Duration Kit includes essential equipment to perform decompression diving with air as diluent. Package includes Inversion kit, Manual Addition Valves, and M28 stand-alone computer.

SE7EN+ Deep Package

The SE7EN+ Deep Kit turns the SE7EN+ into the most advanced technical rebreather and includes all the necessary equipment to dive with mixed gases and enables diving to 100+ meters. Package includes SE7EN+ Duration Kit plus CPOD with Solid State O2 sensor for redundant monitoring of the breathing gas.

4. Accessories

Complete your setup by adding a variety of optional accessories that allow you to customize it according to your preferences. From covers and handles to stands and cylinder QMRs - the possibilities are endless! Don't settle for a generic setup when you can make it uniquely yours with these personalized additions.

start customize your se7en+ today


Note: Due to export restrictions on our rebreather technology, delivery outside EU001 (EU, Australia, Iceland, Japan, Canada, New Zealand, Norway and Switzerland including Liechtenstein, UK and the United States) is subject to approval and the process take approximately 12-18 weeks.


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