Classic mask with ultra low volume. Very popular among technical and free divers.

Color: Black/Grey

Material: A compact mask with rubberised surface and double glass.

Technical features: Low volume mask, great fit for most divers.


Our exclusive ultralight two-lens mask
A low volume mask that fits most faces. A robust frame and with optical lenses.

Colors: Black/black, Black/kevlar, Black/yellow, with black silicone, Black/yellow, with clear silicone

Material: Our exclusive ultralight two­lens mask has an ultra­ light polymer frame and comfort fit skirt in high quality silicone.

The side buckles swivel 45 degrees and are strong and easy to adjust. Colours include matt and metallic surfaces, and ‘Poseidon yellow’.

Technical features: Additional optical lenses available from -1.5 to -­6.0


This ultra-low volume, matte black mask incorporates a unique, lightweight frameless design and a single lens with a slight downwards angle to provide an unprecedented field of vision combined with great comfort for most face types. Other masks give you a choice of low volume for easy clearance or a single lens for a greater field of vision. Poseidon’s LVSL© technology gives you the best of both worlds with easy-to-clear low volume and a single lens in one frameless package. Single, tilted lens provides enhanced field of vision.

Color: Black

Technical features: Designed for divers to provide a clear view of their heads-up display.


Lightweight. Foldable. Functional. The new Poseidon Black Line Snorkel..

- Foldable design for easy storage on dives.
- Wraparound design for streamlined swimming.

Color: Black


Full foot compact fin, good for snorkeling. A shorter Fin, intended for the travelling snorkeler. Rigid rubber construction for good force.

- Made from 100% rubber

Colors: Black, Red


Ideal for those who prefer a rigid rubber fin, the Trident comes with a stainless steel strap for easy removal. One of the shortest fins of its kind, Poseidon’s Trident has an edge on the side designed for heightened maneuverability, making it popular among technical divers.

- Made from 100% rubber with rubber coated stainless steel strap
- Compact design for efficient mobility
- Fin equipped with dynamic edge for powerful thrusts.
- Stainless steel strap with easy grip
- High force fin with edges for maneuverability

Colors: Black, Red


One Shoe is made of sturdy neoprene with waterproof zipper from YKK. Protective, desirable and functional in equal measures, the One Shoe fits snugly around the diver’s foot and is extremely durable.

- Made from Supratex with rubber sole, YKK waterproof zipper and elastic bungy cord

Colors: Black/White, Black/Black, Red/Black


Neoprene strap with velcro.

Color: Black